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MEPS Real-Time, Inc. Introduces Healthcare Industry’s First, RFID-Enabled Smart Drawer Solutions

Posted on Dec 2, 2014 by ADMIN

Industry’s First RFID-Enabled Smart Drawer for Anesthesia Supply Carts to Be Introduced at Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition of the American Society for Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)

CARLSBAD, Calif. (Dec. 2, 2014) – MEPS Real-Time, Inc., an innovator of RFID solutions for pharmacy automation and inventory management, will unveil the Intelliguard® RFID Smart Drawer at the 2014 Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition of the American Society for Health-System Pharmacists in Anaheim, Calif., from Dec. 7-11, 2014.

As the healthcare industry’s first and smallest RFID-enabled drawer, it will be offered as a component for anesthesia supply carts or automated anesthesia systems. The Intelliguard® RFID Smart Drawer automates information capture to accurately and efficiently record anesthesia medication supplies used during surgery. Using patented and exclusive RFID technology, the autonomous drawers are designed to electronically capture data on intraoperative medication usage to support charge capture and provide automatic processing alerts to pharmacies for replenishment tasks.

The new Intelliguard® Smart Drawer streamlines medication management in the operating room and procedural areas by automatically updating inventory each time the drawer is opened and closed. Unlike barcode solutions, RFID requires no manual scanning or item-level counting to ensure 100 percent compliance, eliminating the challenge of interrupting anesthesiologists to capture inventory utilization. Anesthesia supply cart and automated anesthesia system manufacturers will appreciate that the drawers can be customized to integrate with various size and drawer front configurations.

“Increasingly, hospital pharmacies around the country are leveraging RFID-enabled medication management systems to improve efficiency, accuracy and patient safety,” said Shariq Hussain, CEO, MEPS Real-Time, Inc. “Our new Intelliguard® Smart Drawer expands those benefits into the operating room. Medication tray inventory can now be automatically read to capture medication utilization, and restock notifications can be electronically delivered to the pharmacy staff as inventory is depleted. Anesthesia cart manufacturers can now differentiate with a truly unique technology that captures data immediately upon medication removal and enables continuous inventory management in the operating room and other procedural areas without disruption to anesthesia workflows.”


Valerie Fritz
Vice President of Marketing
MEPS Real-Time, Inc.