“No” is Often in Your Best Interest for Medication Safety

Posted on Sep 8, 2015 by Bill Haughton

When designing our Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System, we set out to create a reliable technical solution for medication management and workflow processes that were both safe and user friendly.

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Bigger Isn’t Always Better for RFID Tags

Posted on Sep 7, 2015 by Valerie Fritz

Less Can Be More When It Comes to RFID Tags

A recent article in the RFID Journal1 shared how radio frequency identification has played a significant role in contributing to the healthcare industry’s wellbeing. A number of hospitals and pharmacies have reported that RFID has led to significant cost savings, higher productivity, better performance and profits.

As with all technology, “little” improvements have the power to send major shockwaves, which is exactly what happened when MEPS Real-Time created the smallest RFID Smart Tag in the healthcare industry.

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