See Us at ASHP 2015 Exhibition in New Orleans

Posted on Nov 30, 2015 by ADMIN

Heading to NOLA for ASHP’s 50th Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition?

Keep an eye out for our show mailer and contest details.  In it, you’ll find a very unique puzzle piece with your chance to win.

Be sure to bring your puzzle piece to Intelliguard® RFID Solutions at Booth #1049 for a quick hands-on demonstration of the Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System.

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Time Is a Precious Commodity for Processing Medication Kits and Trays

Posted on Nov 18, 2015 by Valerie Fritz

Latest Update Improves efficiency of processing medication kits and trays

We recently announced release of the latest version of our Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System, Version 4.0.   Along with foundational improvements, improved data retrieval and specific customer-requested features, the key impact of this latest version is the incorporation of advancements in both antenna technologies and accompanying software to further improve efficiency of processing medication kits and trays.   

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Limited Pharmacy Space? See How The Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System Measures Up

Posted on Nov 2, 2015 by Valerie Fritz

Wishful Thinking About Overcoming Limited Pharmacy Space

In the realm of office space, most pharmacies leave you wanting something more - specifically more space. And yet, short of knocking down walls to commandeer adjacent real estate or requisitioning for new construction, the possibility of obtaining more space seems nothing more than wishful thinking.   

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