Providing Remote Visibility to Your Critical Inventory; From Distributor to End User

Our suite of RFID systems employ technology to provide unprecedented remote real-time visibility of critical inventory to optimize management and distribution for: 

Hospital and health system pharmacy operations seeking to reduce inventory costs, optimize staff efficiency, reduce errors and ensure patient safety; and

Manufacturers / distributors looking to enable new business models, obtain global inventory visibility and traceability, enhance quality and safety, and increase market share.

Intelliguard® RFID Solutions for critical inventory are key to:

  • Gain remote visibility to distributed inventory
  • Enhance workflow efficiency
  • Provide secure end-user access to critical inventory
  • Reduce human errors and improve quality and safety
  • Receive usage data and PAR-level alerts
  • Manage shortages, reduce expiry waste and track recalls
  • Identify usage patterns that may indicate diversion risk
  • Prevent stock-outs and facilitate auto replenishment
  • Maintain item-level cold chain pedigree
  • Enable traceability and meet compliance requirements
  • Obtain actionable data to enable inventory right-sizing

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